Rates & Leasing

Please see below for rental rates. Prices do not include HST, the use of extra equipment, and the use of A/V equipment. 


If you have questions about renting or leasing permanent or events space, please contact Douglas MacLennan, New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation Business and Facilities Manager at douglas@newdawn.ca or (902) 539-8729 Ext.222.

Please note: 

  • Special requests are subject to an additional charge and are based on need and availability (i.e: a/v setup, additional tables & chairs, etc.)
  • Registered Not for Profits, registered Charities and NDCSI tenants are granted a 20% discount on all daily rates (before HST). Proof of not-for-profit or charitable status is required when booking.
  • Please be courteous and advise as soon as possible if you need to make a change to your booking. Any cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the start of your event will result in a fee equivalent to 25% of your initial estimate plus full cost for any additional items, a/v setup, extra tables / chairs, etc.
  • NDCSI follows the same cancellation policy as CBRM. If the CBRM municipal office is closed, so are we.
  • Our community room is 1100 sq. feet, classrooms are 750 sq. feet and gymnasium is 6200 sq. feet.