Ubique (U-BEE-KWE) is an innovative company developing intelligent software-defined networking technologies to optimize latency in the Internet. Ubique's innovative IQNet technology dynamically optimizes the geo-location of the application process to deliver the ultimate lag-less experience for users.

The IQNet is a bio-inspired, self-healing and self-optimizing intelligent global network. It interconnects purpose-built, distributed and dedicated cloud infrastructures around the globe. IQNet uses the Swarm Intelligence and Swarm Optimization techniques to detect, analyze and optimize the geo-location and the flow-path of an application to deliver the ultimate lagless experience for the end users.

Ubique's Swarmio™, meaning "Swarm Intelligence & Optimization", is an intelligent online gaming platform and is the go-to destination for competitive multiplayer online games and e-sports. Swarmio is built on top of the IQNet to deliver the ultimate, lag-less gaming experience. Swarmio truly offers a VIP gaming experience with an intelligent lobby stacked with all the leading game titles with many features including party zone, arenas and parental controls.